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Features of bathing a newborn child

by womenbabe

Bathing a newborn child is necessary not only to maintain the purity of the body. Properly organized bathing of the baby is hardening, and physical activity, and an exciting game, and an emotionally rich ritual of preparing for sleep.

To make evening bathing as useful and developing is not so difficult. Firstly, you need to take care of the material base: purchase a thermometer for the bath, children’s cosmetics, rubber toys for bathing and much more. Today, buy children’s toys for the bathroom and everything you need to bathe a baby in the online store Moda-deetkam. .

Take your time to buy a small bath: bathing in a large bath will be much more useful and more exciting for a child, he will teach him more. Of course, if the coating of your bath requires repair, or only a shower cabin is installed in your house, the bath will be indispensable.

Adhere to the optimal temperature regime. You should start from body temperature, that is, from 36 degrees. The temperature gradually should be reduced to 28 degrees. Do not focus on your own sensations: you are ideal for the baby, most likely, it will seem too cold. And the temperature, comfortable for you, can be even dangerous for the child. To determine the water temperature, use a special thermometer.

If a child has skin problems (diaper rash, dermatitis manifestations), consult a doctor, what decoctions of herbs to add to the water. As a rule, pediatricians recommend chamomile and series. There is no need for a healthy child.

Use children’s cosmetics for bathing once a week. Wash the child in front back with clean running water, using soap only with pollution and only for washing the skin.

Do not be distracted for a second! Bathing for a child should be a fun and safe occupation, filled only with positive emotions. If the baby is capricious, crying, demonstrates the fear of water, set off bathing the other time.

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