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by womenbabe

 In modern cosmetics, the content of natural components is minimal. In addition, there is a danger of buying fake cosmetics that can harm your health. Therefore, more and more women to return to folk natural means that our grandmothers also used.

Our hair is subject to comprehensive negative influence. Firstly, it is ecology, air pollution, direct sunlight, etc. D. In addition, women themselves damage their hair during a chemical curling and as a result of large hair dyeing.   

So that the hair is better to grow, do not fall out, the tips do not get scailed, you can do natural masks once a week. For example, take 1 t. spoon of honey, 1 t. spoon of brandy, 1 t. spoon of burdock oil, 1 egg. Mix the ingredients, apply to your hair, cover your head and wait at least 15 minutes, then wash off your head. You can also add aloe juice to the honey mask.

The mask can be made from carrot juice with the addition of lemon juice, castor or burdock oil. If you have oily hair that is dirty very quickly, then you can wash your hair with yellow (a teaspoon of yolk, a teaspoon of alcohol, a teaspoon of water), since the yolk contains cholesterol, which prevents the formation of sebum, according to Top-Women. ru.  

Hair care can be carried out using medicinal herbs. Most often, the hair of herbs is rinsed after washing. For this, herbs such as peppermint, nettles, oak bark, wormwood, coltsfoot, a series, chamomile are suitable for this. There are herbs that contribute to hair growth. This is nasturtium, ivy field, nettles, roots of the cinquefoil of goose, plantain, sage, oregano. Hair can be rinked with decoctions of these herbs, as well as rubbed a concentrated broth into the hair roots. You can use the decoctions of herbs at least every day, they do not harm, but only benefits.

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