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How stars live, how their life is different from our

by womenbabe

Madonna picks up a daughter

Not even a year has passed since Madonna won the litigation and still adopted to five -year -old baby Mercy James from Malawi, how problems arose again. Suddenly, the girl’s father James Kamyeva appeared, who claims that he gave his daughter in a parish poverty, but now he got a job as a guard and is able to support his family. In turn, Madonna is also going to fight for the right to educate Mercy and further

Katherine Zeta-Jones is still young

The forty-year-old Hollywood actress and mother of two children (six-year-old Keris and nine-year-old Dylan) decided to show the public that, despite her age, she was still in excellent form. To this end, Katherine starred naked for one of the American magazines. The photography was a success: in all photographs, Katherine looks incredibly attractive and sexy. “My main secret of beauty is self -love,” says the actress.

Yana Klochkova leaves sports

The Golden Fish of Ukraine Yana Klochkova said that after the birth of a child, she was going to leave a big sport and completely devote himself to raising the baby.

Mel Gibson again alone

Rumors that the actor parted with his civil wife Oksana Grigorieva confirmed. The gap occurred by mutual agreement. It is known that Oksana left for Mil the right to see their six -month -old daughter.

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