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How to cook Italian pizza yourself

by womenbabe

Pizza is such a beautiful Italian dish that is very known all over the world, like pasta. But to cook real pizza is not so easy.

So, let’s begin. You need to count food for about one and a half baking sheet because as the practice of ordinary little baking sheet shows to eat this beautiful dish. Products you will already add to the course of the cooking process and to your taste.

In order to prepare this dish, you need five hundred grams of boiled sausage (you can take a doctoral), three hundred grams of cheese, flour, sunflower oil, onions, dry yeast, tomatoes, cucumbers, mayonnaise and herbs. Sausage and mayonnaise must be fresh, because you try for yourself, as well as for your family and friends, which means that everything should be at the highest level. Bulgarian pepper can be added to an amateur, but we must not forget that this pepper gives the piquancy dish.

You need to start with a yeast dough, and it is prepared approximately, as well as the dough for whites. You need to take four hundred grams of milk (warm), a teaspoon of salt and an egg. All these ingredients need to be mixed very well. On top of the dough you need to pour approximately three hundred grams of flour without mixing. Dry yeast should be poured over the flour and only after that it will be possible to mix it all.

In the course of kneading the dough, you need to slowly pour flour. Sometimes in some recipes it is said that the flour should be added until the dough stops sticking to the hands, but in this case this rule does not fit. Everything is different here and the dough should be elastic and soft. We should get light and porous cake, so we need to do everything using this technology. Then the dough is covered with a towel and is placed for about an hour and a half in a cool place.

Meanwhile, while the dough is suitable, you need to start cutting products. Cut the onion with neat half rings, and tomatoes rings. But here you can like more and vice versa. Then we take the Bulgarian pepper and cut it or fried mushrooms (in case you do not like this pepper). As for cucumbers, it is desirable that they are cut into thin slices. You can cut sausages and saving on the sausage you do not need to be tastier, then it will be. After that, you need to grate the cheese and sprinkle pizza to them. Then you need to fly out of the dough something similar to the shape of the pancake and put on a greased baking sheet. Then gently lay out all the ingredients and sprinkle with cheese on top. Then this product must be set to bake at a temperature of two hundred degrees. That’s actually all. This recipe is ideal for fans of cooking, and for lovers of eating there is delivery of pizza in Arkhangelsk! Bon appetit!

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