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How to develop the brain of your own child exercises

by womenbabe

You cannot see what happens in the newborn in the head. You can’t also see how its retinal neuron connects to the neuron of the cerebral cortex. The moment can be compared with the appearance of a spark. But the neurobiologist from Detroit Harry Chuguni was able to see this.

The doctor was able to see all these processes thanks to tomography. There is not just to see, but to see which is the first to turn on and what last. T. e. This tomograph measures the activity of processes in the sensory parts of the brain. We can conclude that after birth the brain is still developing, t. e. He has the necessary communication nodes that are in every person. The full function of the brain is not what kind of innate qualities the brain was born, but what impressions were after the newborn opened his eyes.

Brain development

When a person is born, about 100 billion forms him. neurons, and those, in turn, form synapses, t. e. Communication nodes. After several months in a child, the number of synapses increases by 20 times. And so that all synapses are involved, the child needs impressions – signals. Simply put, synapses are subject to constant stimulation. For this child, you need to involve the simplest games, for example, “okay” or let him lay out cubes by color. After that, the child loses its original reflexes, but begins to master the movements. At about the 8th month, the child has a memory that gives him memories of how to begin to crack a rattle.

After 6 months, the synapses begin to form in the cerebral cortex. These synapses are responsible for logical thinking. Therefore, the brain absorbs many more information, unlike the brain of an adult. And it lasts up to 10 years.

Logical thinking

So that the child can normally build sentences and the vocabulary is constantly increasing, he needs a living language. T. e. Information should come with any emotions, otherwise it is just a noise. For example, the child will quickly remember the word “more”, if it is associated with him with a treat, which must be wait or another toy.

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