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How to keep relationships if it is not possible to get pregnant for a long time

by womenbabe

The birth of a child is one of the most important and exciting events in family life. But for those couples, which, unfortunately, can not conceive a child, and therefore are constantly in stressful stress, this goal can even cause the termination of relations.

In fact, according to research, about a quarter of women noted that problems with infertility had a negative impact on relations. But a third of the respondents nevertheless said that the fight against infertility improved their connection with the partner. Such spouses comprehensively supported each other during treatment. And those who still parted noted that this problem was not the main reason for the gap.  

If you are faced with the problems of conception, then here you have some tips, how not only to maintain your relationship, but to make them even stronger.

The most important thing is not to try to blame each other for the fact that one of you has factors that prevent pregnancy. After all, despite who is to blame, you are losing both. And in principle it does not matter who is to blame. You just need to accept reality – for you two, the birth of a child will be more problematic than for the other couples.

In order not to blame each other, try to understand that you have a common misfortune, remember your feelings for your partner why you love each other, why do you want to have a common child. Talking about your sorrow or even anger, because hidden feelings can do much more harm to relationships. Fight together with the problem. That is, go to the doctors together, be sad together, hope.   

Also keep your relationship happy. Focus on yourself. Remember that to the desire to get pregnant, at first you were. And when you have a child, you still need to remain a happy couple to become good parents.

Install the days on which you will not talk about the problem, the women’s magazine reports online

Return spontaneity to your intimate relationship. Take a break in attempts to get pregnant. Make love when you want, and not on certain days. Try new places and a new environment. Go to nature, remove the room in the hotel for one night. The bottom line is to return the former joy into sexual relations, and not turn them into “work”.

Veste play sports. After all, sport is an excellent stress destroyer. Play tennis, go to dancing, roll on bicycles – do anything you like both. Even simple walks around the city are suitable, holding hands.

Respect your differences. The fact is that everyone reacts to problems in different ways. And if he does not cry or does not talk about it for hours, this does not mean that he does not worry. Men are more likely to close in their problems. Understand that this could be his way of combating trouble.

Speak to each other as much as possible. You cannot read thoughts. If you need support, tell me about it. If you need to be alone, don’t be silent either. Otherwise you will move away from each other even more.

Do not hide your problems from loved ones and friends. It will become easier for you to express your experiences to your family. But before how to share, consult with each other to whom you can tell, but to whom – not.

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