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How to shave your legs yourself and not get a tram

by womenbabe

Every woman watching her appearance wants to see her legs smooth and velvet. And for this it is necessary to carry out the procedure of the regular procedure for removing unwanted hairs on the legs. In order to make this procedure more pleasant, as well as to avoid irritation and peeling of the skin on the legs, it is necessary to remember a few simple rules.

The beginning of perfect shaving, in contrast to laser hair removal of the skin of the legs, involves preparing the skin for the procedure. Start with a hot shower. Steam and hot water will open pores. The hairs will soften, and the skin will become more elastic. It would be nice to apply a soft body scrub, this will improve the sliding of the razor.

Instead of soap, which significantly dries the skin, use shaving gel with a moisturizing component. Then, starting to shave, make sure that a special female machine is used to shave.

Such models have a number of advantages – a comfortable handle, a floating head repeats the contours of the body, the presence of several blades for more careful shaving, silicone pads are protected from cuts, moisturizing strips help to avoid dryness. The blade should be slightly pressing, in the direction of hair growth. If the cut could not be avoided, immediately treat the wound, in order to avoid inflammation and infections.

The next stage is the funds after shaving. During the shaving procedure, the skin of the legs is dehydrated, which signals additional care. This will help a variety of lotions and body creams containing moisturizing components. Also, for such purposes, there are special means that remove uncomfortable sensations, restore and protect the skin. Well, if the cream has components slowing hair growth. 1% hydrocortisone cream will help remove irritation and red spots after shaving.

Do not forget, any shaving – stress for your skin. Take care of your legs and do not forget about caution.

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