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If you decide to become a mother

by womenbabe

Most women do not think about early planning of pregnancy, so they come to the antenatal clinic only upon the presence of pregnancy. Practice shows that after registering and passing all specialists, as well as a complete examination at an early date, most women have a pathology that was before pregnancy and then required thorough treatment. Unfortunately, most women are extremely irresponsible to planning motherhood and do not at all imagine those possible complications not only for their unborn child, but also of the normal course of pregnancy as a whole, to which such carelessness can lead. Thus, before getting pregnant, you should come for an inspection to the gynecologist and undergo a full examination: 1.     Ordinary gynecological examination 2.     Ultrasound of the pelvic organs 3.     Kolposcopy This complex of uncomplicated procedures will easily determine whether a woman has a pathology that needs to be eliminated before pregnancy, this is: uterine fibroids, cyst, erosion, tumor, etc. D. It is also necessary to get rid of such pathologies before pregnancy planning also because some of the uterine diseases can interfere with pregnancy or help to stop it.

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