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Is it possible to clean the mattress at home

by womenbabe

The mattress, like any other subject of sleeping supplies, needs to be careful. There are no problems with the washing of a blanket or sheet, but with cleaning the mattress, things are much more complicated.

The first, and rather, the main problem is its dimensions. Of course, it’s better to try not to get it dirty! But if suddenly you had the imprudence to shed coffee in bed, or your pet greetly greeted you, returning from the street, then this article will benefit!

Cleaning mattresses depends on the material from which it is made, as well as the type of pollution. First you need to wash the cover – so, at least, you will get rid of at least the left spot. But what to do if the mattress is orthopedic and the presence of a case on it is not provided?

If the pollution is not significant, in this case it is enough to use the sponge and soap. Also, gasoline copes well with the task, but after its use there may be an unpleasant odor. When using solutions containing alcohols, you need to be careful, since after that the fabric can water.

There are a large number of detergents intended specifically to solve this issue, and they do not cope with the task. The feather bed must be dried and it is desirable to do this in the fresh air and in the shade. Also, a way out of this situation is the acquisition of a special vacuum cleaner. He copes well not only with cleaning the mattress, but also carpets, covers, clothes.

Unfortunately, such vacuum cleaners are expensive and many will not be affordable for many. But there is always the opportunity to put the mattress into dry cleaning or call an employee to the house with such a functional vacuum cleaner. You will have to pay for such work about 300 rubles. This option is much more real.

In order to remove blood spots with your own efforts, hydrogen peroxide will help. Alcohol will help in the fight against fat spots, but after its use it is necessary to wash the case and wipe the mattress with a rag with soap to prevent an unpleasant odor.

When cleaning and removing traces of urine, it is recommended to get wet with a plenty of hot water, and then use special products for pets. Such cleaners contain special substances that kill bacteria. Ordinary table salt will help with the removal of spots from red wine.

Mattresses are sensitive to various smells. So smoking in bed can be another reason for the call to dry cleaning.

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