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New methods of treatment

by womenbabe

Snoring can lead to serious complications, not to mention the inconvenience of the spouse! Methods of treatment exist, but they often require surgical intervention. Now new less invasive treatment methods have arisen. Are they effective?   Initially, snoring is the vibration of a soft sky and tongue, which partially prevents the passage of air. We must find a way to prevent this phenomenon.

Traditional treatment methods at the moment exist several procedures. The main method is the operation after which the treatment of snoring proceeds for a long time.. It includes the removal of part of the soft sky. Despite the fact that the advantage of this method is that it finally solves the problem, it has disadvantages – trauma and a long period of restoration.  

Soon"vaccine"Against snoring? Another decision against snoring was proposed by American scientists, it involves the introduction of a substance in the back of the throat. This will destroy some cells of the soft sky, reducing its volume. Nevertheless, 1/4 patients restored their bad habit within one year, the soft sky restored its original volume. For such “relapses”, you can use treatment again. It looks like a kind"vaccine"Against snoring, with revaccination every year! According to American researchers, it has many advantages compared to surgery.

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