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Old Russian custom associated with earrings

by womenbabe

For many centuries, their beloved and most popular decoration in women have had earrings.

Not many people know that earrings, as a decoration, were originally used by men, and only over time they acquired the status of female jewelry.

We hope that you will be interested in learning about the old Russian custom associated with earrings. The girl received her first children’s gold earrings as a gift from her father on the day of the fifth birthday. Dressing the girl of the first earrings was a sign of her growing up. The girl who put gold earrings in the ears was no longer considered a baby, but a child. She was already allowed to weave braids, and the infant shirt was replaced by female things that correspond to the size.

The girl received her second pair of earrings at the age of twelve. New gold earrings meant a new phase of growing up, the girl became a girl.

The girl received the third and fourth couple before the wedding. The groom, as a sign of love, chose the most beautiful and expensive gold earrings that his wallet allowed. For their part, the parents gave the girl earrings, as a sign of her entry into adulthood, and the earrings themselves were considered part of the dowry bride.

Here is such an interesting story for gold earrings. Modern products are not similar to their old analogues, but also attractive and in demand by the female half of the population of the planet.

The variety of gold earrings is striking.

In jewelry, two main forms of earrings are distinguished – simple and complex. In addition, gold earrings are smooth, with a pattern, openwork, inlaid with stones, with enamel elements, filigree and many others. Moreover, the drawings on the earrings can be crowded and engraved.

Golden earrings are with different fasteners to the auricle: a simple hook, a hook with a loop, a hook with a clasp, a screw mount (small screw and nut), clamp (clips), etc. D.

The fastening in the form of a hook with a loop or fastener is considered very reliable. Decorative-artificial elements of different shapes are attached to the hook (petal flowers, balls, hearts and the like). Sometimes whole artistic compositions of small sizes are created from elements. This allows you to create dazzlingly beautiful gold earrings.

The screw connection is not only reliable, but also practical. One whole element is soldered to the screw, and its shape can be diverse and have an inlay from precious stones. The screw is found in the earlobe, and on the back I wind up a small scope of decorative shape. Such gold earrings look very impressive with a strict costume, and the grace of faces of a woman’s facial features add grace.

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