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Pregnancy and sex

by womenbabe

Remember, be sure to consult your doctor about whether you can have sexual contacts during pregnancy. If the period of pregnancy allows, the doctor does not prohibit a woman who observes a woman during pregnancy, and if there are no pathologies, sexual intercourse should not be abandoned, if there is a desire, sex during pregnancy at a certain period is not dangerous for the unborn child.

In the case of deviations, with the risk of bleeding, childbirth a previously the due date, sexual contacts may be contraindicated. The doctor will also advise abstinence in the early stages, if a woman in the past had cases of miscarriage.

During the bearing of a child, a change in sexual attraction is possible (its increase or, conversely, decrease), this is due to hormonal changes occurring during this period, Top-Women reports. ru. In any case, sensations, from the change, must be discussed with your partner.

With an increase in the terms of pregnancy, as well as for some time after childbirth, you will need to find convenient poses for sexual contact. Painful sensations during intercourse should not take place. In the case of unpleasant, painful sensations, regular contractions, vaginal bleeding, water waste, it is necessary to stop sexual contact and urgently consult a doctor.

After the birth of a child, you can start living sexual life only after a medical examination, after healing, in the absence of bleeding. If after childbirth there is dryness in the vagina (this happens in some cases), you can use a special lubricant.

As for contraceptive after pregnancy, when a woman feeds a baby, you need to consult her doctor. Although during lactation there is no ovulation and menstruation, there is still some risk of getting pregnant.

When you can have sexual contacts during pregnancy and for some time after it, you need to ask your gynecologist, and not listen to someone’s tips, because this is your health and your child’s health.

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