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Royal triumph

by womenbabe

The wedding is a significant event in the life of every person, and therefore I want this event to be beautiful and original.   Fortunately, today there are a lot of opportunities to emphasize the individuality of your holiday. The best way to do this is the thematic stylized wedding. If you have a financial opportunity and you want to feel like a real prince and princess, then you should pay attention to a thematic wedding stylized under the royal.

The splendor of the decor, chic, the ellegality and wealth of the wedding banquet and a fabulous snow -white dress with a long train, precious tiara, instead of a veil – these are only a few signs characterizing such a celebration. If you are interested in the royal wedding organization in Donetsk and you would like to implement it, then we advise you to use several of our hints.

1. The appearance of the groom

It is very important not to forget that on this day you are representatives of the royal family, who are the face of the state, and, therefore, a classic, a certain severity and ellegality must be inherent in you.

The bride should certainly have a long, lush or fitted dress with a train and a chaste neckline. It is worth abandoning deep cuts and unnecessary body demonstrations. Makeup is restrained, but rich. Decoration – pearl necklaces and earrings, or a delicate gold chain, and of course, crown. To correctly dress up the groom, it is worth immediately determining which kingdom he runs and sew him a thematic suit. If you want to rule new, only your kingdom, then the costume can be simulated independently.

Guests should also look bohemian. And, therefore, ladies – in chic hats and voila, gloves, gentlemen – in ellegal tailcoats and tuxedos.

2. Wedding car

Since the wedding of royal persons is a holiday of the whole country, then everything should be in sight. Therefore, as a wedding car, a limousine or a convertible with an open top, and, also, a carriage drawn by a pair of snow -white horses.

3. A wedding cake

He should pay special attention, because he is the main decoration of the royal banquet. So choose the most magnificent and multi -layer. Let it be three or more storey cake. Mandatory attribute – decorating the top with figures – models of young.

4. Banquet and maintenance personnel

A banquet should be served in European. And, therefore, these will be round separate tables with banquet cards with the names of the guests sitting behind each of them. Candles, decorations of fresh flowers will look perfect on the table.

The presence of service personnel is a mandatory attribute of the royal wedding. Waiters, an entertainer, guards dressed in a stylish and restrained shape and with exquisite manners will necessarily emphasize the high status of your celebration.

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