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Signs during pregnancy

by womenbabe

Particular attention at any time of the existence of mankind was paid to conception of a child, gestation, as well as the birth of a baby. The news of the future new family member gave a lot of joy. That is why, regarding such a period of life of a woman as pregnancy, many signs, prohibitions, various customs have been invented, many of which are still used.

For example, there is a sign according to which it is forbidden for a woman to disclose that she is pregnant, and also one cannot talk about the date when childbirth should occur, reports Top-Women. ru. Psychologists have their own explanation of the situation. At the beginning of pregnancy, there is a risk of miscarriage, and if suddenly he God forbid, no one will ask a woman and aggravate her difficult condition.

Another sign says that a woman in a position cannot be consumed by fish and red berries, because if they are during pregnancy, the child can be born dumb or golden. The scientific justification is that these products are strong allergens, therefore, they should be treated carefully.

There is also a sign that a woman should not swim in a bath, hot water can provoke premature birth. You can’t sit for a long period for a long period. If you sit like this for a long time, blood circulation is disturbed and the fetus has a lack of oxygen.

According to another signs, a woman should not cut her hair during pregnancy. It is also undesirable to sew, knit, because a child can be entwined with the umbilical cord. It is not recommended to buy things in advance for the unborn child. Skeptics believe that this was relevant earlier, when the mortality of children was high, and in this case, things would simply be unnecessary, but such superstitions exist relatively also other important situations.

You can not believe in signs that do not have a scientific justification, then they may not come true, but if there are even the slightest doubts, it is better to follow them – the first ones will be calmer, and in the second – everything around us is much more complicated than we are more difficult We believe, perhaps our ancestors were wiser than us.

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