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Simple selection of strollers for twins

by womenbabe

There is no limit to parental joy when an addition is expected in the family. And this joy will increase many times if there are two or three babies. But at the same time there will also be problems related to the simultaneous education of children. The choice of a stroller is one of these problems. But such a problem can be easily solved.

The “high-tech” strollers, which are now in fashion, look more original and stylish. They are much more functional and more convenient than classic strollers, and are intended not only for twins, but also for children’s children, in which the age difference is small. Such strollers are divided into three main categories (in the form of design and arrangement). If the sides of the side are crafts or seats, then mom sees all the kids and all the way can be seen equally well and the main thing is needed for a stroller bag to keep the necessary objects of the kids at hand.. But a wide stroller for twins is not always convenient: to enter the elevator with such transport is very difficult, and not always doors of a suitable width. In addition, in the trunk of a car, such a stroller may not fit, since it takes up a lot of places even in folded form. An alternative to such a stroller is a stroller using one wide seat, where there will be enough space for everyone. This is not very convenient, because the kids will depend on each other – if one wants to sleep, then you need to throw back the back, and the rest will be inconvenient.   And when different seats, some can sleep peacefully, and others are awake.

There are strollers in which seats are located one after another. Its width is practically no different from a standard stroller, but the length has increased, and the baby sitting from behind, nothing can be seen. Although you can place the seat above. If the seats are located opposite each other in a stroller, then the kids will be more fun, they will be able to communicate. But only mom will not be quite convenient, one of the kids will not be seen. And with strong winds it is impossible to make to both the peanuts be warm.

So, if twins should have twins in your family, then it is better to take care of the stroller in advance, because it is a rather specific product and they are brought to the store to order by the catalog or you can buy in the online store. But say in advance the terms of the return, in case you do not suit the product or do not like it. And if this is not possible in this store, then choose another store.

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