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Stylish bags autumn winter 2012

by womenbabe

 Only a fashionable handbag can emphasize, and reveal the fullness of your style. And if you look closely, you will understand that the choice of a handbag reflects all the features of your character no less than makeup. Those girls who prefer elegance in everything give their preference to classic models, and especially those who choose the first women of the world. It is noteworthy that these types of bags will never go out of fashion. After many years from the moment they are created, the bags were redone many times, but to this day they are considered an icon of style.

This season, Christian Dior did not change their traditions, and decided to pamper the fans of luxury and glamor, presenting the famous miniature handbag Lady Dior in the autumn collection. Other brands decided to please fans of a real class. In the autumn-winter collection of Jason Wu, we will find a bag, almost identical with the one that Monacco Grace Kelly wore Monacco. Among other things, the fashion house presented elegant white clutches and pretty bags made of two skin colors. Business style will be quite common this season, according to Top-Women. ru. Consequently, various portfolios of all kinds of portfolios, papers and paper folders and. DR. If you choose a business bag, be sure to pay attention to the Salvatore Ferragamo collection, in it you will probably find something suitable for yourself. One of the most fashionable innovations of the season will be Petchvork. At the shows of this season there were a sufficient number of various bags and clutches made in this technique.

One of the fashion trends of the season will be a snake print. A variety of accessories and bags made of snake skin (or its imitation) were an integral part of almost every show. In the coming year, as always, the leather of the alligator of various shades will remain a hit. Bags-purses will remain unchanged to the favorite theme for Domenic Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

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