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The nature of the spirits is slowly manifested in several stages

by womenbabe

Perfume is a whole art of creating a unique perfume composition. Today, there is a whole arsenal of perfumery on sale:


Perfumed water;

Eau de Toilette;


Each type of perfumery has certain characteristics that affect the strength and resistance of the aroma.

Edmond Rudnitzt once said: “When a person uses spirits, they automatically become his part”.

This is true. Many people, both women and men, have their favorite aroma. It can be the perfume Loewe or toilet water Nina Ricci, but in any case, we are strongly attached to the perfumes. If you are in search of your favorite fragrance, you should know some advice of the right perfume for the right choice. They will help you make the right choice and not make a mistake.

Tips for choosing spirits:

At one time you can “tast” no more than three types of perfume.

The aroma is fully disclosed about an hour after applying the body or paper strip.

After the use of garlic, onions or pepper Chilly, the aroma of perfume is differently revealed on the body.

During pregnancy and lactation, the chemical composition of the skin changes, which also affects the aroma. It can change and open differently.

Phases of opening the bouquet

There are three phases of perfume disclosure. The first notes are revealed during the first fifteen minutes. They are the strongest and quickly evaporate. When you breathe the fragrance for the first time, you feel the first notes.

In the “heart” of the perfume composition there are medium notes that are characterized by animals, wood, spicy and fruit aromas.

The final notes last about four hours. They make the fragrance stronger and more persistent. Characterized by amber, nutmeg, vanilla and animal smells.

How not to make a mistake with a choice?

In order for you not to make a mistake and not throw the money down the wind, buy perfumes in a specializing store that sells brand and high -quality perfumes. If you buy goods via the Internet, be sure to read customer reviews who managed to place an order. For example, Roberto Cavalli characterize reviews as a unique aroma for which it is not a pity to give any money. Always carefully check the packaging and the bottle itself. There should not be scratches and damage to them.

Adhere to these tips, and you will certainly choose a quality and favorite perfume for yourself.

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