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The position during sleep affects your health

by womenbabe

A healthy and quite long dream charges the batteries for a long time, for us to resist the challenges of the new day. However, in addition to the quality of sleep and its duration, a place where you sleep is also very important. This can affect both your health and appearance.

Doctors believe that a dream on one side believes that people who sleep on their side, good digestion and have no problems with heartburn. Nevertheless, doctors advise not to sleep on the left side (heart), since constant pressing on the heart can cause problems. On the other hand, people who usually sleep on one side of the face are subject to the early appearance of wrinkles due to the placement of one side of the face on the pillow. In addition, this position presses on the skin around the mouth and eye.

The position of the fetus in the womb on the one hand, the lifting of the knees to her breast is probably the most common situation for sleep, because it is completely natural. Studies show that 8 out of 10 people take this position during sleep. This position relieves pain from the spine, because it helps to relax the spine, and reduce the load on it. However, sometimes this position causes pain in the neck and even headaches.

A dream on the back, although this is a position in which the body is completely relaxed, this position is not recommended for those who suffer from asthma or polyps, since breathing problems may arise and even snoring. In addition, studies have shown that people who sleep on their backs insufficient intake of oxygen into the body, which can cause problems with the heart. On the other hand, such a dream is useful for people suffering from arthritis and joint pain – this position distributes the weight evenly, which reduces discomfort in the spine and joints.

Sleep on the stomach sleep on the stomach, first of all, a good solution for snoring. However, sleep in this position exerts pressure on the neck and hands, which leads to numbness of the limbs.

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