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We take care of the bracket systems

by womenbabe

When using a bracket system of oral hygiene, it is significantly complicated. In addition, the presence of braces requires increased attention to the brushing procedure. It is sometimes difficult to get the pieces of food stuck between them, and in the presence of braces and that is more difficult. So you should purchase specialized products for the care of the oral cavity. Dentistry in Moscow is a very developed branch of medicine, offering an extensive range of services.

There are a number of specialized means to care for teeth from a bracket system. It is necessary to use a toothbrush with a V-shaped deepening. Such a system will allow you to clean the space between the teeth, simulating brushes and dental threads. Even an ordinary toothbrush can harm when it is incorrectly used. Therefore, you should adhere to simple tips on how to properly use it to clean the bracket system.

It is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal for at least 10 minutes. The remaining food between the teeth can be removed using a V-shaped brush, and the single-pound brush will allow you to clean the surface adjacent to the braces. You should start cleaning from the upper jaw, and then proceed to cleaning the lower. It is necessary to brush the braces as much as the teeth without them. The brush must be kept at an angle, and each tooth is wiped to ten times from all sides.

The final stage of cleaning should be the use of dental threads. When using a thread with a hard end, it is necessary to stretch it through all interdental spaces, smoothly moving it along the surfaces of the tooth and areas under the gums. With the next use, you should rewind a new piece of thread. The absorbent surface of the thread, impregnated with antibacterial agents, cleanses the spaces between the teeth and prevents inflammatory processes.

Many today seek to install braces, the cost of their installation is justified by aesthetic advantages. But in addition to the tools for cleaning the bracket system, it is necessary to use special hygienic agents. For the optimal effect, toothpaste should contain a large amount of fluorine, which makes the enamel stable.

During treatment, it is recommended to carry out reminalizing therapy. Your child orthodont can answer all questions about how to brush your teeth with a bracket system can answer. You also need to regularly undergo a course of professional cleaning of the oral cavity. After all, even the best specialized tools do not always guarantee the complete cleaning of the oral cavity from food residues and pathogenic bacteria.

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