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What does the phrase “sleep in the hand” mean how to understand dreams

by womenbabe

You regularly see the same dream of quite neutral content. Perhaps because my life is boring and monotonous, ”you think. In fact, almost every of us have favorite stories of dreams, but such a constancy of a gloomy, hungry alligator who would eat you if you had not woken up.

The usual reason – you really looked at the dream of a coming horror. As well as one of the reasons for the nightmares may be that you sleep on an inconsistent bed or mattress, in the current case, the online mattress store will help you. Also nightmares often dream after a dense, plentiful dinner, in the menu of which greasy, heavy dishes predominated.

Thriller is constantly present in the night repertoire? It is worth paying a visit to a gastroenterologist and examine the gastrointestinal tract.

• Yesterday you dreamed of Orlando Bloom, who could not get into a crowded subway car at Darnitsa station. Today, Savor Orlando again appeared to you in a dream, treated you with beer in the best London pub, and you laughed together at your sleep about the failure that befell it the day before in Darnitsa.

This is not a pathology. Memories of dreams in other dreams, as a rule, are deposited and apparently caused by asymmetry in the work of the hemispheres of the brain.

• On the third day you saw a nightmare about pyts who strangled you. Yesterday you dreamed that you were swimming under water and you do not have enough air. Today in a dream they tried to crawl through a narrow gap all night.

Similar dreams are a sign of difficulty breathing. Maybe you just have a strong runny nose? A more serious reason is the curvature of the nasal septum. In some cases, such dreams can be harbing diseases of the respiratory system. Consult a doctor.

• Something huge, terrible, incomprehensible fell on you. You feel that you are not able to move, hands and legs were taken away, a voice disappeared, the body was filled with a severity. You are trying to call for help, move, but you cannot do it and finally wake up in fear.

The symptom of “paralyzed urge” is not related to pathology. Some experts explain it to his de-growth hormone. Often, such nightmares dream after intense classes on power simulators and heavy physical exertion. In any case, there is no reason for panic. By the way, if you do not break out of Morpheus’s arms and relax, you will most likely see “another movie”, and the new dream will probably be extremely bright, unusual and memorable.

• You fall from a mountain or a tall building, the earth is getting closer. Everything, now I will break, you are scared and … wake up in a cold sweat.

Greating the spirit of the fall is a sign of beginning problems in the cordially vascular system, acute illness or hidden internal psychological problem that you “lock” in the subconscious in the subconscious. In the latter case, in order to get rid of a nightmare, honestly hang the situation at least with itself, calling a spade a spade. By the way, there are also frequent dreams in which we fly is a symbol of psychological emancipation, emotional liberation or inner desire for it. Since children are more free in their self -expression, they hover in a dream, they are much more often for adults. • Usually night dreams were painted in blue, blue, green color. Now the world in dreams is increasingly in the shades of red.

Dreaming also matters, scientists say. Dreams in decay are seen by calm people who are in a state of psychological balance. Too bright, aggressive colors speak of an increasing alarm experienced by stress.

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