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What is possible and what is impossible

by womenbabe

Proper nutrition during pregnancy plays an important role. Indeed, over the next nine months from what you eat and drink and how active you are in physical terms and how much weight you add, your baby’s development both intrauterine and after birth depends. There are two components in proper nutrition during pregnancy. One is the type of products that you eat, and the second – how much do you add in weight. For many women, pregnancy is the first time in life, when weight gain is beneficial. But here it is important not to overdo it. No need to lean on calories and absorb them in larger quantities than in the first trimester. Here are some recommendations of experts on this subject: if you had a normal weight, when you got pregnant, you need to gain from 11 to 16 kg. If you had a weight loss before pregnancy, then you should gain12-18 kg. If your weight was higher than the norm-7-11 kg. With more severe forms of obesity – up to 6 kg. If you suffer from obesity and plan a pregnancy, then it is best to try to lose weight a little until its onset. After all, women with excess weight more indications for Caesarean cross -section, have a risk of getting into gestational diabetes, suffer from increased blood pressure.   They are also at risk of complications during childbirth. And now, directly, food. To begin with, balance your diet so that your body receives a sufficient number of whole grain crops, fruits, vegetables, proteins. Do not zeal with saturated fats (red meat and whole milk) and consume as few semi -finished products as possible. Adhere to this diet throughout pregnancy. And here are some tips for pregnant women: do not eat medium fried meat and sea products (with blood – in general, a taboo). Reduce the risk of the disease with a leaferoid (caused by bacteria located in unpastrated milk, raw vegetables and fruits. Wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly and boil milk before use. Try to avoid canned fish. Use valuable omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the development of the child’s brain. They are replete with red fish. Take prenatal vitamins to replenish the stock of iron and folic acid necessary throughout pregnancy. Do not drink alcohol. In any form. Limit caffeine. And the most important advice is to enjoy pregnancy!

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