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Women’s linen Rules for choosing

by womenbabe

Beautiful linen, despite their grace, is rightfully considered a rather formidable weapon of women in the struggle for male hearts. However, they need to use it competently. There are so many similar combat units in the arsenal of lovely ladies that, sometimes, even an experienced warrior can get confused in them. Therefore, it will never be superfluous to remember what to pay close attention to when buying the next kit.

Rule one – only convenient linen makes a woman sexy!

Even the most luxurious bra, if he digs into the skin and gives all the delicate places, will not delight his mistress and not make her feel special. Without any doubt, women’s linen must be comfortable, in other words, it is ideal to approach in size and form. You should go to the store, clearly knowing your own parameters. But you can decide on the style and in the process of fitting. Perhaps experiments in this area can benefit and benefit.

Rule second – color matters!

Ladies who can boast of a rather dark -skinned skin tone, are perfectly suitable sets of bright colors. They are gorgeous in bright pink, scarlet, cherry, turquoise, purple. “Snow White” to the face of pastel shades, both warm and cold: apricot, peach, pale blue, light pink, woven yellow. And on the skin touched by a golden tan, women’s swimwear and chocolate gamut linen look amazingly. And of course, three classic colors – white, black, beige – are suitable for absolutely everyone.

Rule third – touch should give tenderness!

Lingerie is in contact with the most intimate places of the female body. In order for these sensations to be extremely pleasant, it is necessary to pay close attention to the composition of the fabric from which it is sewn. Of course, in favor of natural cotton and silk, but there are synthetic materials that are not inferior to them in quality. For example, modal or microfiber. In any case, when studying the label, it is worth giving preference to the kit that consists of synthetics no more than 20%.

Fourth rule is the most important thing!

A wise woman never uses beautiful linen for special occasions. She just wears it always. Putting on something delightfully tender and elegant under everyday clothes, a real lady fills her life with the charm of secrets that makes her unusually beckoning in the eyes of men. She does not need to go on the war trail, all trophies go without a fight!

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