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Is it possible to raise a child without screaming a psychologist

by womenbabe

You tried to raise a child without a scream? It’s complicated. Moreover, everyone understands that a scream is a manifestation of weakness. Moreover, young children, for example, react to intonation more than the meaning of words. What to do? Try to establish visual contact with the child and, leaning to the baby’s ear, quietly say everything that you wanted to scream. You will be surprised at the result.

When parents tell the child the word “no”, it is usually not perceived by children. Some babies begin a hysteria, and this word gives the opposite effect to many. Try to say “no” instead of the word “no” “can be”, “see”, “a little later”. For example, if the children ask: “And we will go for a walk outside?”

The parent can answer: “Maybe” and add: “If you remove toys”

This motivates good deeds. The main thing is to restrain your word and not forget to go for a walk with children. Invite them to go through a children’s photo shoot and then you can get several levers of influence on your children. Believe me, no child will refuse such a gift and then he will be ready for a lot to get to the photo shoot.

Feel free to ask your child forgiveness if you were mistaken. You apologize to friends and relatives. It is important for a child to see your respectful attitude towards him, this is a good example of politeness.

A very good incentive for your child will be your words “you can!»With difficulties. The main thing is to make it clear to the baby that you believe in him. You just need to make a little more effort, practice. You can tell him a little about yourself: everything that you can easily do now required many efforts and attempts.

In general, devoting a lot of time to the child, you can not only motivate him for serious actions, but thus, seriously influence his development, which will ultimately affect his future.

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