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Facial skin care advice

by womenbabe

How to cleanse the skin of the face and why it is necessary to do it regularly?

The skin of the face is exposed to environmental factors, cosmetics, microorganisms live on it, there are dead cells. The skin needs regular and proper cleansing in order to maintain its health and longevity.

Clean the skin regularly, in the morning and evening.

Choose cosmetics that correspond to the type of skin, dry, oily, combined. Your arsenal should have peeling, tonics, lotions, gels, purifying milk, daytime and night creams. It is important to use them according to the type of skin and in a certain sequence. Do not wash your face with soap, it overdles the skin.   For skin with increased sensitivity, use soft, non -aromatic cosmetics.

There are many useful recipes from natural ingredients, herbs that will help make the skin of the face beautiful, Top-Women reports. ru. For example therapeutic herbs, honey, sour cream, oils, etc. D.

Use only warm water, not hot or cold. Use only soft and clean napkins and sponges if necessary. Follow hygiene rules, wash your hands before facial cleansing. Put on your hair a bandage so that it does not interfere.

Start the procedure by rinsing your face with warm water.

Apply cleaning products, soft circular movements, slightly massaging.

Thus, you cleanse the skin from keratinized cells without stretching it, avoid the area around the eyes.   Then rinse the product with warm water. Dry your face slightly. After that, apply a moisturizer and water -based tonic.

Performing simple tips, regularly and timely, you will get a good result, well -groomed, beautiful, and most importantly healthy face skin.

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