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How to buy bedding?

by womenbabe

It is very easy to buy bedding today – but it is far from always possible to easily choose one or another color or material. Before buying bedding, you should take into account the color of indoor wallpaper. If you are not quite sure of your taste, then you can choose a neutral coloring – the drawing of bed linen cannot be overflowed with broken lines, sharp corners and other geometry. Some of the details stimulate the brain, interfering with relaxing and falling asleep; But the exquisite bedding of pale cream and white color is suitable for everyone.

When the buyer chooses pleasing eyes, bright sets of bed linen, the question cannot but arise – what will become with this beauty after washing. White linen and cotton fabrics are checked by boiling. In colored linen, stability is lower, and the temperature is indicated on the label, at which this washing is acceptable. The heavier the fabric, the more durable it. Therefore, on the sheets of Byazi you will be able to sleep longer than on the splendor from the batist. The West has its own strength system, which takes into account the number of thread interweaving. If there are less than 200 per square inch, then you should not buy such linen. Pillowcases and sheets of synthetic fibers retain their original appearance longer, but breathe worse and require washing more often. Natural silk, from which bedding is made, is more luxurious, but is expensive. He is able to give the skin a feeling of coolness, as well as hygroscopic. There is also an option without the need for shopping trips. To economically use your time, you can buy bedding in an online store and be sure that it will be delivered to you right home.

Bed chintz underwear will lose a “presentation” after a few washes, but it is cheap. The calico is more expensive, but lasting longer. Luxe class fabrics are magnificent-first of all, it is satin-atlas, Makosatin, satin with silk. These are strong, thin, pleasant visually and to the touch fabric, easy to care for, do not dust, do not melt. Before buying bedding, we advise you to choose the most pleasant from the point of view of touch.

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