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Maxi skirt: advantages, fashion trends and what to wear with

by marusia

Maxi skirts cannot be called an item for every day, but this does not mean that they are not needed in the wardrobe. Moreover, some models of long skirts can become a “base” – stylish and functional. Here are examples relevant in 2024.

Fashion trends in 2024

Over the past few years, the “status” of maxi skirts has changed periodically: they either join the trend lists or give way to other must-haves of the season. At the same time, for a long time, designers have been offering us the effect of multi-layering and playing with levels – it is precisely in these fashion experiments that a long skirt can come in handy.

Classic plain maxi skirts

Never worn maxi skirts? You can start with simple models in one color. The laconic design of such skirts will allow you to choose many different combinations – thanks to them, it will be easy to understand whether this length suits you, whether it is easy to create looks with it, whether it fits into your style.

In fact, she is not that difficult to get along with. Plain skirts with a straight silhouette in basic colors (black and gray, for example) can be worn with either a fitted or a voluminous top, wearing an oversized sweatshirt or jacket. Satin maxi skirts with a silk texture (a continuation of the “linen” trend) are especially relevant – they are worn with a “rougher” top, for example, chunky knit sweaters.

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