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How to make on September 1 unforgettable for your child

by womenbabe

In the morning, while your child sleeps sweetly, slowly decorate the room. Jewelry needs to be prepared in advance. Hang the wall newspaper “I’m going to first grade”, place photos of the child and list what he has already learned to go to first grade. Cut out a large pencil, ruler, globe, five from paper, and attach all this to the wall newspaper. Do not forget to decorate the room with balloons. You can cut autumn leaves from colored paper – this will be your first training calendar, attach them with two – third -party tape on the wall. On each leaflet, you will describe the day or one event of school achievements that is especially filled with your child. At the end of the school year, you will have your own “Knowledge Tree”.    The room is ready to create a joyful mood before the first school day.

Prepare a cheerful school breakfast. Make sandwiches “Knowledge ship”.   Pour the oil on a slice of bread, put the cheese on the cheese on the cheese leaves, then the tomato circle. Using a toothpick, fix the sausage circle like a sailboat. “Znayka”. We decorate your beloved porridge of a child with fruit in the form of a cheerful muzzle. Well, do not forget about the drink of “wisdom” – tea.

Put a surprise in the portfolio. This can be a small gift in the form of a toy, which will become a talisman of your child, bringing good luck to the whole academic year.  When going to school with your child, do not forget to take a camera or video camera with you. After all, this first day at your child’s school.  Having arrived home, you can arrange watching a movie at the festive table.

Your child is growing and he needs to occupy his thoughts with a variety of developing games for children. This approach stimulates the rapid development of your baby according to the methodology of early development. To buy such educational toys, you can go to the online store and choose the one that is most suitable for your child’s interests. Think in advance in which channel you will help your baby, because maybe he is a future genius.

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