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What to wear with a midi skirt and some recommendations

by marusia

Fashion trends follow each other at different speeds, but there are categories of women’s clothing that never lose their relevance, only slightly transforming from season to season. These include midi skirts, presented in the 2024 season in dozens of modifications.

This is the most universal option when a long skirt is uncomfortable and a short one is inappropriate. Let’s look at the most promising trends that are worth adopting to look stylish in the 2024 season.

A midi skirt means a length to the knee or mid-calf. This is a fairly diverse category in which you can find the best option for any type of figure. The main thing is to choose the right fit, length and style.

A high-waist midi skirt visually lengthens your legs and makes your silhouette slimmer. Suitable for almost everyone; only women with a short torso need to choose this style carefully. A mid-rise skirt is a versatile option that will never let you down. Low-rise models look good on a proportionate figure with a narrow waist, but are undesirable with short legs.

Pay attention to the length. Do not choose a model whose edge is at the widest point of the calf. To highlight the slenderness of the legs, the skirt should end above or below this critical zone.

If you have wide shoulders, choose a skirt with a voluminous hem: a-line, pleated, or “sun”, which will give your figure the desired balance. Models with flounces or large patch pockets on the hip line will work well. If you need to narrow your hips, take a closer look at straight silhouettes without decoration or flowing, flowing models.

If you are unhappy with the lower part of your figure, try to focus on the upper part of the image. To do this, choose skirts in a neutral palette, and the top in bright, catchy shades. Additionally, you can shift attention with the help of jewelry, a deep neckline or a scarf. Conversely, if you want to focus on the bottom, wear skirts in bright colors with eye-catching decorative elements.

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