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What to wear with loafers and their main advantages

by marusia

Loafers can be worn barefoot or with visible socks or tights. White models are well suited for summer, brown ones are considered classics, and black ones will complement the official look.

Types of loafers

Venetian – the basic option. These are undecorated shoes that look like moccasins with a hard sole. The lack of embellishment makes them a basic and unpretentious option.

Pennies are more formal and are considered a classic preppy style.

With a tassel – sometimes complemented with fringe. They bear the imprint of ethnic style, which makes them a good way to add rigor to a boho look.

With a buckle is the most popular model created by the house of Gucci. Even though it can now be found in any mass market, its origin gives the loafers a touch of high style. They can be effectively combined with a fashionable three-piece suit or tailcoat.

Loafers are universal shoes that can be worn for six months in our climate. Stylists advise not to spare money on such wardrobe items.

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