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Which is hidden by realtors

by womenbabe

When hiring housing, the realtor is given a hundred percent commission for help, but is not too much price for a little help? What the realtors are silent about?

First, where does this amount come from. Of these, 1/3 of the realtor takes himself, and the rest leaves the agency. According to the agencies themselves, this is all distributed for the rental and maintenance of the office, wages to employees, for advertising, and what remains of profit. That is, profit is about 15%. But why exactly you should pay for it?

Well, probably because they provided you with a service. But then it will be more profitable to work with a private realtor. Because it works only for himself, and therefore he can request only 50 or 30%. Very often with an agency’s employee you can agree, but not everyone will take risks and work secretly from the employer.

Realtors claim that it is dangerous to work with a private person, since they do not give guarantees. Well, what guarantees are given by the agency? Firstly, in which case they will find you another apartment for free. But it is not so. After all, no one will compensate you for the losses incurred with the move, payment for the first month of residence.

Secondly, agencies are guaranteed the legal cleanliness of the apartment, using the verification of documents. But these are mainly only words. Well, how can you check for fifty apartments per day? No way. Therefore, in most cases, documents are not checked.

If you have a conflict with someone who rents an apartment, then the agency will not help solve your disputes. The contract prescribes that the agency is not responsible for this and is not related to this.

It is also stipulated in the contract that you are ordering a service and have no complaints about its execution. This finally removes from the realtor any responsibility for the consequences of the transaction.

But no realtor will tell you about it. On the contrary, he will say that the commission is 100% of the reality of today’s real estate market and the fact that you are selected an apartment, just a payment for comfort, so be prepared for this.

The search for an apartment for a short time was always not an easy task, but who is looking for he will always find. The easiest way for this will be real estate agencies. And if you need apartments for rent in Dnepropetrovsk, then Vlasne offers excellent options that will not leave you without your attention.

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