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Fashionable image 2012

by womenbabe

With the onset of spring, fashionistas again the question arises: why there is no such new one in their wardrobe yet, whether to do a step -by -step hairstyle? New 2012 – new trends in the world of fashion. Couturier and designers are already ready to share their “fashionable” considerations with us.

The color of this season is the yellow color and all its shades: from delicate to the poisonous. Elegant beige, mysterious red, metal in separate elements of clothing, khaki, mysterious purple and attractive dark blue-all of them components of the 2012 color scheme. White and black, as well as their all kinds of combinations, still remain relevant. But almost all fashion designers advise avoiding screaming flowers. All kinds of jewelry and inserts in clothes – classic or bold asymmetry are very popular in 2012. And the most fashionable materials for them are leather and fur. Any of their combination with cashmere, velvet or velvet make clothes unusual and stylish.

Accessories an important part of any image is a correctly selected accessory. A small handbag or a leather of the leather of the reptile emphasize elegance along with a step -by -step hairstyle, and clutches of the brightest colors will give the image a slight negligence. Do not rush to throw away wide belts – they are again at the peak of fashion. The accessory can be leather or suede with a transparent fastener, have a bright color. The belts of medium width on the elastic band will visually make the waist already. And as an indispensable addition to any dress, of course, thin straps in any color scheme remain. Feel free to decorate yourself with wide metal or decorated with large transparent stones, bracelets. And the usual necklace or chain will adequately replace the cheek-cheek made from various, sometimes unexpected, materials. Large rings and rings are no less popular. And the retro style will return the almost forgotten brooch

Hairstyle and hair color The variety of styles in clothing allows you not to limit yourself in choosing a hairstyle. Stylish step -by -step hairstyles or luxurious curls, strict square or combed hair under an elegant hoop – all this depends on your imagination and mood. Even the hair collected in the back of the head this season is considered an ideal hairstyle. Natural hair colors dominate, with bright colors are advised not to experiment. Scarves, scarves, wide dressings, as well as braids and tails of different lengths remain in trend.

Makeup motto creating makeup that season: “Elegance, conciseness, femininity”. To match this image, the skin should be ideal even with a delicate blush, eyebrows have a natural shape and color. Mascara, like lip gloss should be present in small quantities, and shadows are better to use pastel light tones. The makeup in the spirit of “Smoky Eyes”, which can be created thanks to gray shades – the hit of this season, is quite relevant. A little eye eyeliner will not hurt at all to create a gentle image along with a step -by -step hairstyle. However, bright daring shades of lipstick are not at all superfluous, because the lips should look attractive and desired. So, this year is marked by a variety of styles. The collections of this season demonstrate strict elegance mixed with frivolous outfits in retro motifs. Therefore, no one will be surprising when today’s costume will combine the urban style of “extreme” with the spiritual “rustic”. Do not be afraid to experiment – create your unique image!

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