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Female and male energy of which is more?

by womenbabe

With harmonious development, the ratio of female and male energies in women 75% to 25%. Naturally, in men this proportion is turned upside down.

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This formula already contains a huge clue for women. And “skew” is not useful in either direction or the other. For example, many of us know such “girls” as if completely unapestified to life. They habitually trump the lack of the slightest logic in actions, consider their own beauty a sufficient reason for the whole world to be at their feet.

And most often they get what they want! But in family life or over the years, when beauty naturally fades, you have to put up with the fact that there is a huge amount of femininity, that is, one hundred percent of female energies, is not enough for happiness. As experience shows, it is difficult for such women to be happy.

And it is not so difficult for them to start a family as to hold it. Often motherhood changes them, because little children, like no one else, can be excellent teachers of responsibility, logic, generosity, rationality, speed and dexterity, strength and generosity.

But it also happens that such one hundred percent women really do not want to have children, and precisely because then the focus of attention of others naturally shifts from them themselves.

But there is another extreme. These are women who have strongly male energies from birth, or education helped them develop male qualities in themselves. As they are not called in the modern world! And battle – woman, woman – man, and business woman, and bitch.

Even they themselves already characterize themselves without hesitation, although many of these words are swearing, no one canceled their meanings! Women who have lived their lives according to such rules often look around at 40-45 years and understand that work, career, successful business and bank account are not at all the key to happiness.

A brief list of what is needed for female energy:

– There should always be a secret in a woman;

– Stop arguing with male energy;

– release fears of femininity;

– Relax – this is the main task of a woman, to convey care for herself in strong male hands.

It is very easy to read about it, without thinking and sliding down the lines, not drawing conclusions and without asking yourself: “And what type I belong?»Or maybe it’s time to attract. It is quite easy to become feminine, the main thing is to understand in time.

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