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Herbal Bank for Facial benefits and effect

by womenbabe

Hello, our dear readers! Today I will tell you about how to save the skin from toxins and make it elastic and soft. In the modern world, not every person can afford to spend a weekend in a bathhouse or sauna. Sometimes, due to a lack of time, and more often funds. But it is impossible to explain this to our body, and in particular the skin, so it begins to peel off and lose its “glow”. But there is one very good recipe that always saves me, especially in the cold season. I call this recipe “Mini-Bank” for the skin. This bathhouse is made for the face, because it is the skin of our face that is the most sensitive and delicate.

Herbal Bank for Facial: Recipe

For our bathhouse, we will need:

Chamomile (or any other grass that you collected in the summer or bought in a pharmacy. Sometimes, chamomile is replaced by nettle, birch sheet, currant leaf, mint, lemon balm, St. John’s wort and others. In general, everything that falls by the arm is all useful.)

Boiling water.

Soup plate.





Put the chamomile or any other herbs on the bottom of your deep plate, as I said earlier. Pour the grass with boiling water, and start breathing over this decoction, covering your head with a towel. You can sit over this bathhouse for about 15-20 minutes, slowly adding boiling water. Then, while the pores are open, and you are well welcome, rub your face with a scrub. Wash, dry the skin with a towel. And then smear your face with a protective cream.

This bathhouse is suitable for any skin. It is very useful and aimed at softening the skin, prevention of colds, restoration of skin elasticity, removal of black dots and peeling.

I wish you, our dear readers, a light couple!

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