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How to become a winner

by womenbabe

Women and men perceive work in different ways, they have different work methods. How to remain a woman in a men’s team? Here are the tips that will help you get along in the same team. The same, but at the same time, so different. Many women believe that male colleagues do not listen to them, often it happens. Men need to concentrate for work, they cannot do several things at once. But women are capable of this. The structure of the brain in men is designed for the sequence of work, while women are characterized by network thinking. Therefore, the whole catch in the structure of the brain. Men think over actions for a short time, and women look forward. For this reason, men make quick decisions better, and women plan to work for a long time. How to dress? The image matters to both men and women. But women were less fortunate: men have a suit that is suitable for all occasions. Women have such a universal way out of the situation. The Americans found that “masculine” women get less money and occupy low posts than women who follow fashion. You need to know what clothes the bosses love, dress only in those things in which you feel confident. In anticipation of an increase. In general, the work of women costs less work of men. To increase the salary, you can use a male strategy. Summarize your labor achievements and forget about failures, sell your work as men. To do this, argue your position, tell us about your merits, express your financial wishes.

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