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How to increase the kitchen visually

by womenbabe

The small space of kitchens, unfortunately, is not uncommon in multi -storey buildings.   There are many different design techniques to make the kitchen visually look more spacious and comfortable. For this way, it is initially worth deciding in which style it will be in full.

To do this, just pay attention to the following points:-It is necessary to correctly place the accents in the kitchen, t. e, illuminate some places most vividly. For example, a ceiling with a bright glossy surface and with built -in lamps upstairs, visually increase the room in height.   The same effect will be achieved if you place additional lighting in the upper part of the kitchen. You can also arrange several light sources on various objects also in the upper part of the kitchen.

– You can visually increase the space of the kitchen if you select the furniture correctly. The furniture should not be bulky, contain elements of plastic or metal. For a small kitchen, a small -sized kitchen table is suitable for a round or oval shape. It is not necessary that other furniture is small at the same time. The cabinet for dishes can be high, so it will visually increase the ceiling.

– Correctly selected color scheme is the key to what you will achieve the result. Combining colors such as golden and gray-blue, beige, silver and lilac, and shades of light gray and green will also look great. The correct color scheme will be the contrast between the ceiling, walls and the floor of the kitchen. Light walls combined with the dark floor of the floor gives the result of the visual spaciousness in the kitchen.   This effect can be achieved by applying the picture to the floor surface, which will create the desired contrast.

A great way of visual expansion of the room, of course, will help create mirror surfaces, it can be mirror doors of the cabinets, some of the objects that have a glossy surface or small mirrors.

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