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How to make childbirth painless what needs to be done

by womenbabe

Often, pregnancy overtakes a woman who is unexpectedly, that is, a small number of women I plan to have a child in advance. Everything would be fine if it were not for one but that in the first few days/weeks no one knew about pregnancy, and accordingly the future mother could take potent medicines, drink alcohol and the like. That in any case can cause significant harm to the health of the fetus.

With the decision about whether the child is needed or not, you should decide 2-3 months before the time of the alleged fertilization. Before that, contraceptive means should be used.

It is also necessary to know which doctors should contact. Paid gynecology is best suited. First of all, this is a therapist, even if the expectant mother feels completely healthy, a complete examination and delivery of all the necessary tests will never harm. This examination will contribute to the identification of possible hidden diseases. It is also necessary to go through the fluorography procedure without fail. If it turned out that hidden illnesses were still discovered, it is necessary to consult with a specialist in the corresponding channel. It is also necessary to remember that the time of conception should in no case coincide with the exacerbation of the disease. If you are assigned to take certain drugs, you should definitely consult a doctor as taking some drugs during pregnancy is strictly prohibited due to the possible complications. During pregnancy, they must either be completely removed or replaced with a safer option.

Be sure to visit the dentist’s office and conduct a full check of the oral cavity. To protect the unborn child from the transfer of a possible disease or infection.

During pregnancy, it is also necessary to take comprehensive vitamins and minerals as the health of the unborn child directly depends on their presence in the mother’s body, and indeed the course of childbirth. A particularly important element is folic acid. It is worth paying attention to the region of residence, if it suddenly happened that the expectant mother lives in a place with iodine deficiency, you need to include iodine containing additives in the diet.

Food is also very important for the future mother. Three months before the conception of the child, it is necessary to clean your diet from food containing preservatives and dyes, as well as other chemistry. You need to eat exclusively healthy food.

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