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Kitchen design modern country or High Tech?

by womenbabe

Modern kitchen implies the use of simple clear lines without bizarre and intricate forms. The main material of the Art Nouveau style is metal with small wood inserts to give the placement of heat. The main slope in this style is made on functionality. Modern belongs to the “city style”. However, despite the entire “coldness”, this style is able to fill the kitchen with saturation, freshness and energy.

A special approach is necessary when creating a kitchen in a private house. Here, many usability factors should be taken into account in this sector. For the greatest comfort, the design of the kitchen in a private house should be done in a classic style or in country style. In addition, you can perfectly enter Japanese styles here if the kitchen has an exit to the garden.

Country kitchens are the exact opposite of the modern. In this style, massive furniture is used, returning to the past. In various countries, the country style has its own distinctive features. In most cases, this style is used to decorate the interiors of cottages and country houses, since in the presence of massive furniture a sufficient amount of free space is required. Country style is aimed at creating the atmosphere of heat and comfort in the dwelling.

Another interesting style solution of the kitchen is “High-Tech” and “Techno”. This style is characterized by the presence of metal, stone and glass. The main role in this style is played by technical devices and household appliances. In the High-Tech style, the use of natural materials is not allowed. However, despite this, this unique style is able to create a truly fantastic environment, with a game of flowers and materials. A special place in the High-Tech style occupies lighting. Both direct and hidden lighting (backlight) can be used here).

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