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One of the causes of infertility

by womenbabe

Endometriosis is the growth and development of endometrioid tissue outside the mucous membrane of the uterus, due to a violation of the immune or hormonal background. This is a pathological process during which menstrual discharge penetrates into the surrounding fabrics, forming nodes. However, in the occurrence of endometriosis, immunological and hormonal deviations are only a lever and are not the root cause of this pathology.

One of the most common versions that reveal the mechanism of this disease is the theory of retrograde menstruation, as a result of which the cells of endometrioid tissue enter the abdominal cavity and ovaries. There, the endometrium fuses with the fabric and begins its vital activity, which may not coincide with the cycle of the uterine endometrium cycle. Hence the bleeding in the middle of the cycle.

The main factors that can contribute to the occurrence of endometriosis are the following: – a woman’s reproductive age – improper nutrition – poor ecology – the effect of stress – heredity – excess weight – later the beginning of menstruation, sexual activity – surgical intervention – complications during childbirth – excessive physical loads during menstruation

There is another theory of endometriosis, according to which the cells of the abdominal cavity degenerate and begin to grow, forming endometrioid nodes.

Unfortunately, the true causes of this disease can be established by neither doctors nor scientists. Despite the fact that endometriosis is a fairly common disease among women, especially over the past decade. Doctors are trying to develop good drugs for treatment. For some drugs, such as Puregon, a separate course of treatment is prescribed to increase the effectiveness of Puregon and, accordingly, the general productivity of treatment increases.

In the initial stages, this pathology is difficult to detect, since it is very similar to other diseases (appendicitis, ovary cysts, ectopic pregnancy, etc. D.)

The main consequences of endometriosis are infertility, miscarriages, pain during intercourse.

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