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Pork with potatoes baked in the sleeve – video recipe

by womenbabe

Pork with potatoes baked in the sleeve is perfect for both the daily table and for the festive. Prepare this dish close to yours – please! We present to your attention a recipe for making pork baked in the sleeve.


0. 5 kg of potatoes

0, 5 kg pork

One sweet pepper

One large tomato

4 cloves of garlic

Salt and spices to your taste

One onion

Juice of half lemon

Greens of dill

Three tablespoons of soy sauce.


Rinse the pork well under running water, remove all the films and wipe it with a paper towel. Cut the pork in small pieces and put in a large bowl. Peel and cut and cut into 4 parts, now chop. Add to meat. Greens and garlic finely chop and send to meat with vegetables. Add soy sauce, salt, spices and juice of half lemon. Mix well. Set aside to pickle for half an hour. At this time, clean the potatoes and cut into small pieces. Put the potatoes in the baking sleeve, add spices and salt, mix gently. Put the marinated meat on top. Wash the tomato and cut it with a small cube. Put the meat on top. Tie the baking sleeve tightly and make small openings for the output of steam. Send pork with potatoes to a hot oven for an hour and a half. After time, the meat can be carefully removed from the oven and served on the table. That’s all – pork with potatoes, baked in the sleeve, is ready! Help yourself!

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