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The appearance of a second baby in the family

by womenbabe

Each mother often seems to be a kind of angel who is madly waiting, but they still have no idea what he will be. Mom still does not know anything about her baby, so her instincts do not wake up immediately, and sometimes after a few months, which is not surprising. While she feels only a certain reverence.

The parents who decided on the second child are more serious internal experiences. Many are scared by the upcoming changes in the inner life of the family, a change in relationships, especially if the first child is not much older than the second. Confusion and fears settled in the soul of parents.

Similar fears relate to a miscarriage because for each family this word is like a thunder among a clear sky. You can’t wish anyone. But every mother should know about this and make a maximum to protect herself from an early miscarriage and try not to think about the bad. Every mother should also take up their health and proper nutrition, which also increase the chances of success.

Sometimes women subconsciously compare the appearance of the second child, as the betrayal of the first. This condition will certainly lead to a feeling of hostility to a newborn baby, who suddenly broke all the usual canons in their already established family Mirochka. It is very important to make sure that mom does not develop guilt before the firstborn. Of course, it is absurd to assume that motherly love is not enough for two. Mom will always love all her children, but, of course, everyone in his own way.

Sometimes, with the advent of a new baby in a family, the first child is difficult to cope with his new status and renounce the role of the only child. It begins to seem to him that his mother does not love him or loves less, he begins to do nonsense to attract attention. It seems to him that all this due to the fact that he has matured and is trying to prove the opposite by his behavior. To avoid this, begin to morally cook the first -born in advance. Explain why the mother’s tummy grows, what is his brother or sister, who will come to visit there. Try to keep the regime familiar to the child so that the second baby becomes the subject of love and study, and not an obstacle to his usual affairs.

This is difficult for many parents, especially at first. You should not give the baby to the grandmother, this will even more enhance jealousy on his part and drive him into the cocoon. Ask loved ones to help with household chores, and give your free time to both babies. Connect your child into the courtship process for the baby, this will settle care and affection for the brother (sister) in his soul. Will understand how defenseless the baby is now and why mom has to devote so much time to him. This process will take about a couple of weeks. To make it easier, try to spend more time with the whole family, doing common affairs.

You will definitely cope with all the difficulties. All that is required of you is sensitivity, care and attention. Your mother’s heart will tell you everything else.

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