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The main thing who should know every man about women

by womenbabe

Now very often they talk about the differences between women and men. Why are we so different and how it is better for us to get along with each other. And it seems that we are different in everything. But there is the main characteristic of women, the knowledge of which will help a man to avoid most problems in their relations with the opposite sex.

According to Barbara de Angelis, an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal relationships, there are three main characteristics of women that every man should know: 1.  Love is the main work for women 2.  Women – creators by nature 3.  Women have special relations over time

Love. For a woman, love and means life. A woman devotes all her time to love. If a man in order to just think about his beloved needs to switch from previous activities. Then in women this happens in parallel. She can work, wash dishes, walk with a dog and think about her beloved all this time. A woman always wants to love and be loved.

Probably this “slightly” annoys men. After all, he cannot. Often a woman seems to him “too loving”. But you might think differently. If, love is the main work for a woman and she invests all her “assets” in this business, naturally it will protect it with all her might and desire to get maximum dividends!   Is this not the perfect image of a businessman, always engaged in his work, thinking only about him. That’s clearer? And the most pleasant one, you are the main asset of this business, called love. And it is the woman who is most worried about you. It seems to me – it’s just great.

Women cannot be redone. Love in their blood. And if this is strongly annoying, then you can “not bother” on the relationship, but use “paid services”. But you can accept this as a fact and enjoy the situation. You are the center of the universe for her. It’s so great, love and be loved. Man.

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