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The nail extension set contains

by womenbabe

Enlarming nails from gel is a rather complicated technological process that requires special materials, tools and devices. And if you have decided to make gel nails for yourself, since your nails are fragile and do not grow, or do it professionally, you can not do without buying materials and tools. Now a fairly large number of things necessary for nail extension are provided on the market. Naturally, you can buy them separately, but it is best to immediately buy a special set for nail extension.

Sets are produced for novice masters and sets for professionals. The set for beginners in building nails contains all the tools necessary for work and reagents specifically for beginners who want to master a new technology for themselves at minimal costs. The set contains reagents and tools only the most necessary and often used. A person who bought a set for beginners in building up the “upper form” technology is able to learn from high -quality materials that do not conflict with each other in chemical composition, and will be remarkably separated from the surface of the forms and not damage their structure. And already from the very first nails you get a great result, giving confidence in your own abilities and fully justifying expectations and from this time, nail extension will become an important part of your life. Materials in the set are selected in the chemical composition very accurately, and will provide a high speed of nail extension, high surface quality, exceptional strength of the nail, long wear.

The nail extension set contains:

– preparatory fluid; – primer ultrasound; – transparent powder with glitter; – a monometer designed for express emergency; – upper forms; – brushing cleaner; – means for cleaning hands; – special oil for softening the cuticles; – glue for tips; – directly tips; – Special Shaber; – forceps for tips; – a saw; – brush mark; – a glass; – protective covering; – brush for acrylic; – remedy for removing acrylic; – Training disk.

If when buying a set for beginners for nail extension, you think that you not only want to learn the extension process, but you will also do this professionally, then the set is added:

– transparent powder; – white powder; – camouflage powder; – Monometer that has no smell.

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