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What developing toys to buy for a baby

by womenbabe

According to specialized pediatricians and children’s psychologists, involving a child in a game is not only a joyful event or a funny pastime, but thanks to the game, the child develops fine motor skills.

We present to your attention the most entertaining and healthy toys for sensorimotor development for the smallest ones that are not tolerated to learn more about the world that surrounds them. You can always pick up excellent children’s toys in the ABA online store. .

Developing toys for newborns (0-3 months)

Since the life of a newborn baby is determined by contact with parents, the toys in the first month will not be useful to him yet, because the formation of hearing and vision occurs in the period from 1 to 3 months of life. At this time, the baby easily monitors the movement of objects, distinguishing contrast, ornament, looks at the shape of the object, listens to the voice of the mother. Therefore, it is worth choosing toys taking into account the individual characteristics of the baby, that is, provide him with material for the further development of vision coordination:

Figures glued to the walls in the form of simple geometric shapes (circle, square), spots of all kinds of plain colors (but in no case mixed, since the baby will be more difficult to distinguish more than distinguish the contour of the picture);

The suspended figures on the threads to the cradle of the baby, it is advisable not to overdo it with the number of colors, so as not to interfere with focusing the eyes on one for its detailed and thorough consideration;

Performing eye exercises: tracking the baby’s eyes behind a bright rattle, while directing her movement to the right or to the left for no more than five minutes so that there is no overwork.

Developing toys for infants (3-6 months)

During this period of growth, the baby can do much, as, for example, reach a close toy, consider the subject, holding it in his hands. Here you can expand the place for games, as well as use a more “advanced” set of toys:

Touch and feel in shape toys made of plastic, rubber; pick up figures;

Toys with built -in sound are able to stimulate the movements of the hands, in general they will interest the child. If the sound they make, the baby will like, he will make attempts to swing the legs and pens so that his favorite toy sounds again. This category is suitable:

1) all kinds of squeaks;

2) Very simple toys in the form of musical instruments (for example, piano with large keys, pipe, drum with buttons).

Such exercises, turning into a game form using entertaining and developing toys, will teach your baby it is better to coordinate movements, feel the shape of an object, fix a look at them.

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