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What is beauty?

by womenbabe

The eternal question for the eternal problem: what is beauty? Beauty is a very wide concept for every person. For everyone, the word “beauty” and “be beautiful” sounds differently and understands. Who is a beautiful person? First of all, everyone is used to starting from appearance. There are an established framework regarding the appearance of a person: a girl should be slender, long -legged, with long hair, wide eyes, a big bust. The man should be tall, shoulder, pulled up. All, of course, should be well dressed. But these stereotypes are not quite suitable for everyday life.

Today, a quick life and everyone can also change quickly, like a picture on the roads of the capital – in the morning he is in a tracksuit on a run, then he goes to the office in a strict suit, upon arrival home he will wear wide convenient pants for walking with children, and in the evening – Party outfit. The same thing happens with the appearance. There is no clear definition for each person, for example, what a beautiful nose he is? For some, a long nose is considered ugly, while others will not pay any attention to it, looking into the eyes. The main thing in life is to evaluate the internal virtues and features of a person, because the length of the hair or nose cannot affect the kindness and generosity of its owner, and outwardly the ideal figure can hide envy and discontent in itself.

Sometimes a person’s nondescript appearance after five minutes of communication with him becomes inconspicuous in the wave of positive and vitality that this person shares with others. Also, a very important point in determining beauty is that any appearance or some flaws can easily be corrected using many ways: makeup will emphasize the best features of your face, the hairstyle will change your appearance, cosmetic procedures will give you freshness, and the sports hall will repare Disadvantages of the figure and will return self -confidence. The main thing is to remember that being beautiful is important not for all people around, but for the closest and dear to you! After all, only a loving and loved one is happy, and, as a result, a beautiful!

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