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What mistakes are women when leaving the skin?

by womenbabe

Perfect skin is the ultimate dream of women. Despite the availability of skin care information, not all women know how to use this. Even the most “advanced” women make mistakes, taking all efforts to “no”. These mistakes can be avoided. 1. Many women think the gel foams, the better! In fact, good cleansing funds do not foam. Abundant foam is a sign that it contains a caustic detergent, in particular, lauryl sulfate that loses the skin of lipids. Try to use soft drugs for washing, which contains fatty acids. They do not damage the protective barrier of the skin. Refuse soap. Remember, the less chemistry among the ingredients of cosmetic agents, the better. 2. In addition to improving the color and texture of the body and face, peeling has a rejuvenating effect, and also reduce wrinkles. But you need to use them carefully. You can use peels after 30 years. 3. After 30 years, the regular use of creams is also required, which contains vitamin A, in particular, night -action creams. 4. The irregular use of sunscreen can harm the skin not only in summer, but also in winter. Try to buy creams, powder, tonal creams with a factor of sun protection at least 15. 5. For the night, regularly remove the residues of makeup. 6. Control the shelf life of your cosmetics.

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