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What to pay attention to when choosing a fur coat criteria

by womenbabe

It is believed that a fur coat is one of the most desirable gifts of gifts. And this is true: numerous polls of public opinion confirm that most women want to wrapped in warm fur.

Of course, such a present is not cheap, so it would be very offensive to pay a rather big amount for poor -quality goods. So what to do in order to choose the right fur coat? We offer you some advice of specialists.

Place of purchase. It is best to purchase fur products in special salons and stores such as Vashashuba. . , not in the market. So you will not only increase the likelihood of buying a high -quality fur coat, but also guarantee yourself certain advantages. Typically, at the branded points of sales, they give a guarantee for any product, and in the case of a defect is detected, you can either return the fur coat and pick up the money or exchange it for a new.

The quality of the fur weed. The fur should be homogeneous, without bald spots and clusters of the beams of too long villi. If you draw a hand against the pile, the fur should quickly return to its original state. In addition, the villi should not fall out – this means that the fur is not rummaging.

Lack of extraneous smells. A good fur coat should not smell like. The presence of oily, burned, minor or musky smell indicates the poor quality of the skins.

The quality of sewing. This is evidenced by the inner side of the skin or Mazdra. Manufacturers, confident as their products, always leave a piece of unlucky lining so that the buyer can consider the mezer. It should be white and soft to the touch. The yellow color of the skin indicates that it is old. Therefore, such a fur coat will not last for a long time.

Painted fur. Modern technologies of painting do not affect the quality of fur. Nevertheless, stained fur coats can be easily checked for the quality with a handkerchief moistened with water. If, after you spent them on a pile, the scarf does not stain, you can safely buy such a product.

It is equally important to choose the right fur coat in size. The most important rule is that it should not be small for you. It is also necessary to stand in it in front of the mirror for at least five minutes, walk around. You should not have a desire to constantly correct the fur coat. Pay attention to not sorry for the collar or sleeve.

Mink fur coat practically does not warm. Such a fur coat should not be bought for those who are going to spend a long time in the cold.

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