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Why is a watch of a watch?

by womenbabe

Tourism is not just a hobby, it is a lifestyle. Having once a campaign, feeling all the charms of life without the benefits of civilization, breathing in clean air at the top of Elbrus, a binding of a mountain river, looking into a distant starry sky, having a resting under a spreading oak, you can never abandon the call of pristine nature.

Now, All Inclusive of a foreign resort will not lure either free nutrition or sun lust under the scorching sun. After all, your vocation is tourist bots, a sleeping bag in a backpack touched to the top and songs under the guitar by the fire until dawn.

Properly selected equipment greatly facilitates the life of a tourist. Professionals who have been striving for mountains, forests, fields for several years at any time of the year, know exactly what is important in equipment for a hiking campaign, traveling in a car, bicycle trip. Each of them has its own secrets and rules, but in one all travelers of the world agree: sports hours are an integral attribute of a tourist. Of course, only a wrist accessory is not enough, the right backpack, waterproof clothing and shoes, a light tent, a sleeping bag, a flashlight … But you never know what else. But the practicality of a functional mini -a -cloth can facilitate and make a favorite hobby more effective, bringing it closer to a professional pastime.

Tourism clock: why?

The multifunctionality of sports watches used by tourists while traveling really helps in many situations. For example, such a function as a built -in barometer predicting the weather in the next day. The pressure and the dynamics of its changes determined by the wrist product allows you to accurately draw up the schedule of weather conditions. And the thermometer is able to measure the ambient temperature “here and now” without an error regarding the heat of the hand.

Altimeter or altimeter – useful functionality introduced into some sports models. The principle of operation is to read the measurement of heights in a certain period of time and display it as a graph. Geologists, climbers and speleologists are happy to use a tourist watch with an altimeter in their work. It is noteworthy that the altitude is capable of creating graphs of heights both above the ground and under.

Digital compass. No campaign is possible without it. It is very convenient if it is always in sight, which is the main emphasis in models with a compass function. Also, there are innovative watches with a GPS navigator showing and recording coordinates, track, etc.

Vacation Time // Excavans, a heart rate monitor, timer, stopwatch, several independent alarm clocks, split-chronographs, anti-jet design, water resistance, frost-resistant module-this is not the entire list of technical and functional characteristics that the online watch store specializing in models recommends to pay attention to attention for tourism.

Sports clock is, first of all, a full -fledged working tool, and not an image accessory. That is why they are able to work in any latitude, under different weather conditions, and also have a high degree of protection against mechanical damage and are reliably protected from dust, dirt, and moisture.

Correct tourist equipment, in which the watches of tourism will be an obligatory element, will enjoy communication with wildlife in full…

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