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Woman’s pregnancy by weeks detailed description

by womenbabe

Pregnancy is the most joyful, happy and excellent condition for a woman. Когда женщина узнает про беременность то она абсолютно растеряна и не знает что делать, и пытается купить как можно больше книг и журналов чтобы хоть немножко ознакомится со своим состоянием. It all starts in the first three weeks, the first changes in the body occur, and you basically begin to suspect that you are pregnant, after going to the doctor, all tests and ultrasound, you already know exactly that life has already formed inside you.

And so pregnancy by week to find out how your body changes and at least be a little ready for its completely different type and behavior.

From 1 to 6 weeks – after conception, it begins to divide the blastocyst and descends through the phalanx pipe, and hormones at this time cause thickening the uterine shell (endometrium), after the implantation of the hormone eggs suppress ovulation. You may not suspect that you are pregnant. For example, some women begin to gain weight right away. By the end of the first 3 months you can dial 2 – 3 kg, mainly on the hips, sides, and chest. Your body needs fat to support you during pregnancy. Approximately you can gain 9-14 kg, it all depends on your source weight. Constant weight gain, like moderate nutrition and physical exercises, prevent many troubles – for example, pain in the back or varicose.

Your child 5-7 days after conception, the plasticist reached the uterus is implanted into the wall of the uterus and it becomes an embryo. The embryo emit protective substances so that the body takes the child. After a week, the external cells of the embryo are attached to your blood cells, forming chronyanal villi for the formation of the placenta, thus interacting for the first time with your body. He begins the allocation of the chorionic gonadtrion circulating it throughout the body.

A blastocyst is divided inside the embryo cell, and in a fertilized egg there is a zygote in which the inherent pregnant bag is about 6 mm. Further, somewhere around 12 – 15 days, placenta and umbilical cord are formed using chlorial villi. After 21 days, rudiments of tissues and nerves from tissues and segments are formed in the embryo. In 25-26 days, organs appear, that is, the embryos of parts of the body, head, eyes and mouth.

At 7 – 11 weeks when the placenta operates, it can cause nausea or constipation. The circulatory system works faster, which can cause shortness of breath, the urge to urinate increases. The most important thing is that you eat right and rest more. Meanwhile, the child in your body is rapidly developing. And somewhere at 33 – 36 weeks, the length of the child is about 40 cm, and the weight is about 2.6 kg. Childbirth occurs somewhere for 37 weeks of pregnancy. So do not be afraid, because nature is not in vain invented all this.

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