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Interesting facts about Paris

by womenbabe

Paris is rightfully considered the city of love, the most charming and attractive city with the world. A lot of interesting things lies in this amazingly beautiful city. Creating the most famous design and business card of the city, the creator of Gustav Eiffel did not mean that it would become so popular and would delight tourists for decades. It was built for only 20 years and was an exhibit of the annual worldwide exhibition. It was also used for radio needs. The construction of the tower was completed in 1889 and after the exhibition it was decided to leave it, after which it became a symbol of the city.

The Paris metro has its own characteristics, namely: the doors in all wagons do not automatically open, and in addition, the names of the station do not declare. Passengers have to open the doors themselves and monitor stops. Every day, the world famous museum “Louvre” visits about 25,000 people.

It is especially worth highlighting shopping in Paris. You will no longer find such an abundance of shops and shops anywhere. Here you can find everything from knitted tunic to the ultra of modern models that were just on the catwalk. Huge selection and perfumes of the most famous brands. For shopping it is worth allocating several days from all time in Paris.

Baton under the arm of passers -by – this can be called a symbol or ancient tradition of Parisians, since the baguette is a long loaf, is the invention of the French. And throughout France there are a huge number of all sorts of shops where you can buy all kinds of flour sweets.

Did you know what was striptease in 1894? This was not at all slow stripping to beautiful music. Striptease was an action, as if a woman noticed a flea in her clothes, and therefore began to throw off her clothes until she was left without clothes.

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