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by womenbabe

It’s no secret that it is much more difficult for a child to choose a gift than someone else. And in our century, when computers, game consoles and the Internet simply captured our life, this task receives the status of “Mission Impossible”. And with each year lived the child’s interest in all kinds of toys decreases. No, in this material I will not tell how to distract the child from the monitor. I want to provide you with a list of those games whose relevance is not reduced over the years.

Yes, now the number of children’s goods is simply amazing in its diversity. Entire floors of shopping centers are reserved for shops, where bright boxes with notes flaunt on racks"Children under 3 years old". Therefore, the process of choosing a gift can stretch for more than one hour. But then the very Internet will help us. In it we can find various online stores, children’s products in which are represented in a huge number. But, we will start directly to the very list.

Constructor. The designer is one of the most remarkable, safe and useful gifts that you could give to your child. Gathering houses and castles, erecting entire cities and natural landscapes, your child develops imagination and intelligence. Cannot but please the fact that most of the details of completely different sets are the same. This allows you to combine old and new details, constructing increasingly powerful buildings. And then the number of plots that can be expanded thanks to the constructor can surprise many, ranging from the usual quiet and peaceful rural life and ending with cosmic battles in the territory of entire galaxies.

Puzzles. Yes, I agree that the one -year -old child is unlikely to understand if he pour a mountain of multi -colored cardboard in front of him and say: “You see the picture – collect!”. The only thing he will do is to start pulling them in his mouth, perhaps. But I believe that puzzles should also be attributed to this list. Why? All for the same reason – universality. I’m far from a child, and every month I buy another box for myself, so that in the evening, when there is a couple of extra minutes, to indulge in pleasure, collecting a masterpiece of world painting or a portrait of my beloved actress. I think that the child, collecting the characters of your favorite cartoons, will experience the same feelings. And if you connect to this process, this will cause him indescribable delight.


All these games, subsequently, can develop into a hobby or profession. Your child can become an employee of Lego and create the latest settings of designers. He can find more and more paintings and photographs in order to create puzzles from them for more than one thousand details. He can become a model and embody in his models of the country, era and entire worlds. In the end, all of them will help to develop in him his thinking and mind, which were appreciated and will be appreciated always and everywhere.

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